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Al Zaitone, Belal :
Drying of Multiphase Single Droplets in Ultrasonic Levitator.
TU Darmstadt
[Ph.D. Thesis], (2009)


Bakic, Sasa :
Time Integrated Detection and Applications of Femtosecond Laser Pulses Scattered by Small Particles.
Strömungslehre und Aerodynamik, Maschinenbau, TU Darmstadt
[Ph.D. Thesis], (2010)

Batarseh, Feras Zaki Musa :
Spray generated by an airblast atomizer: atomization, propagation and aerodynamic instability.
TU Darmstadt
[Ph.D. Thesis], (2009)

Becker, Michael :
Experimentelle & numerische Untersuchung des Pulver- & Aerosolverhaltens in einer Luftströmung.
TU Darmstadt
[Ph.D. Thesis], (2013)

Berberovic, Edin :
Investigation of Free-surface Flow Associated with Drop Impact: Numerical Simulations and Theoretical Modeling.
TU Darmstadt / FG Strömungslehre und Aerodynamik
[Ph.D. Thesis], (2010)

Buchmüller, Ilja :
Influence of pressure on Leidenfrost effect.
tuprints, Darmstadt
[Ph.D. Thesis], (2014)


Chang, Chiao and Criscione, Antonio and Linder, Nicklas and Jakirlic, Suad and Tropea, Cameron and Amirfazli, Alidad :
A New Formulation for Volume-of-Fluid Simulations of Drops on Solid Surfaces: Inclusion of Adhesion Force.
In: DFD12 Meeting of The American Physical Society .
[Conference or Workshop Item], (2012)

Criscione, Antonio and Chang, Chiao and Roisman, Ilia and Tropea, Cameron and Jakirlic, Suad and Amirfazli, Alidad
Criscione, Antonio (ed.)
Criscione Antonio (ed.) :

Numerical Study for Drop Transfer between Two Plates.
Criscione Antonio (.) In: B&D 2012, 5th International Workshop on Bubble and Droplet Interfaces.
[Conference or Workshop Item], (2012)

Criscione, Antonio and Kintea, Daniel and Roisman, Ilia and Jakirlic, Suad and Tropea, Cameron
Criscione, Antonio (ed.)
Criscione Antonio (ed.) :

A new approach for water crystallization in the kinetics-limited growth region.
Criscione Antonio (.) In: ICMF 2013, 8th International Conference on Multiphase Flow .
[Conference or Workshop Item], (2013)

Criscione, Antonio and Kintea, Daniel and Tukovic, Zeljko and Jakirlic, Suad and Roisman, Ilia and Tropea, Cameron
Criscione, Antonio (ed.) :

On Computational Investigation of the Supercooled Stefan Problem.
In: ICLASS 2012, 12th Triennial International Conference on Liquid Atomization and Spray Systems.
[Conference or Workshop Item], (2012)


Duchmann, Alexander :
Boundary-Layer Stabilization with Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasmas for Free-Flight Application.
TU Darmstadt, Darmstadt
[Ph.D. Thesis], (2012)

da Silva Del Rio Vieira, Debora Gleice :
Numerical simulation of aerodynamic plasma actuator effects.
TU Darmstadt
[Ph.D. Thesis], (2013)


Friedrichs, Wilm :
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Flow Control Experiments with Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Actuators.
TU Darmstadt, Darmstadt
[Ph.D. Thesis], (2014)


Gnirß, Markus:
Strömung und Mischung im Primärzonenbereich von modernen Gasturbinenbrennkammern.
tuprints , Darmstadt .
[Book], (2009)


Kinzel, Matthias :
Experimental Investigation of Turbulence under the Influence of Confinement and Rotation.
Strömungslehre und Aerodynamik
[Ph.D. Thesis], (2010)

Kriegseis, Jochen :
Performance Characterization and Quantification of Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Actuators.
TU Darmstadt
[Ph.D. Thesis], (2011)

Kyriopoulos, Olympia Natalia :
Gravity effect on liquid film hydrodynamics and spray cooling.
Strömungslehre und Aerodynamik, FB Maschinenbau, TU Darmstadt
[Ph.D. Thesis], (2010)

Köhler, Michael :
Development and Implementation of a Method for Solving the Laminar Boundary Layer Equations in Airfoil Flows.
Fachgebiet Strömungslehre und Aerodynamik, Darmstadt, Deutschland
[Master Thesis], (2011)


Lambie, Benjamin :
Aeroelastic Investigation of a Wind Turbine Airfoil with Self-Adaptive Camber.
TU Darmstadt
[Ph.D. Thesis], (2011)

Li, Hai :
Drop Impact on Dry Surfaces With Phase Change.
tuprints, Darmstadt, Germany
[Ph.D. Thesis], (2013)


Maduta, Robert :
An eddy-resolving Reynolds stress model for unsteady flow computations: development and application.
TU Darmstadt, Darmstadt 2014
[Ph.D. Thesis], (2013)

Manukyan, Selin :
Fundamental Investigation of Forced Wetting on Structured Surfaces.
TU Darmstadt, Darmstadt
[Ph.D. Thesis], (2013)

Mühlbauer, Monika :
Modelling wall interactions of a high-pressure, hollow cone spray.
TU Darmstadt / Fachbereich Maschinenbau
[Ph.D. Thesis], (2010)


Opfer, Lars :
Controlling Liquid Atomization using Dilute Emulsions: Mitigation of Pesticide Spray Drift.
Technische Universität Darmstadt
[Ph.D. Thesis], (2014)


Reeh, Andreas D. :
Natural Laminar Flow Airfoil Behavior in Cruise Flight through Atmospheric Turbulence.
TU Darmstadt, Darmstadt
[Ph.D. Thesis], (2014)

Rival, David Emory :
Development, Control and Recovery of Leading- and Trailing-Edge Vortices in Tandem-Airfoil Configurations.
TU Darmstadt
[Ph.D. Thesis], (2009)


Sirbubalo, Emir :
Computational study of statistically one-dimensional propagation of turbulence.
TU Darmstadt
[Ph.D. Thesis], (2012)

Sperotto de Quadros, Régis :
Numerical Optimization of Boundary-Layer Control using Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma Actuators.
TU Darmstadt / Center of Smart Interfaces
[Ph.D. Thesis], (2009)

Stahl, Martin :
Experimentelle und numerische Untersuchung des primaeren Strahlzerfalls von Druckzerstaeubern.
TU Darmstadt / Maschinenbau
[Ph.D. Thesis], (2008)


van Hinsberg, Nils :
Investigation of drop and spray impingement on a thin liquid layer accounting for the wall film topology.
Institut fuer Stroemungslehre und Aerodynamik/Maschinenbau
[Ph.D. Thesis], (2010)


Weismüller, Michael :
A new Approach to Aerodynamic Performance of Aircraft under Turbulent Atmospheric Conditions.
TU Darmstadt
[Ph.D. Thesis], (2012)


Yu, Haitao :
Laser Beam Interaction with Spheroidal Droplets: Computation and Measurement.
tuprints, Darmstadt
[Ph.D. Thesis], (2013)

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