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Ebert, Martin ; Weigel, Ralf ; Weinbruch, Stephan ; Schneider, Lisa ; Kandler, Konrad ; Lauterbach, Stefan ; Köllner, Franziska ; Plöger, Felix ; Günther, Gebhard ; Vogel, Bärbel ; Borrmann, Stephan (2024)
Characterization of refractory aerosol particles collected in the tropical upper troposphere–lower stratosphere (UTLS) within the Asian tropopause aerosol layer (ATAL).
In: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 2024, 24 (8)
doi: 10.26083/tuprints-00027297
Article, Secondary publication, Publisher's Version


González-Flórez, Cristina ; Klose, Martina ; Alastuey, Andrés ; Dupont, Sylvain ; Escribano, Jerónimo ; Etyemezian, Vicken ; Gonzalez-Romero, Adolfo ; Huang, Yue ; Kandler, Konrad ; Nikolich, George ; Panta, Agnesh ; Querol, Xavier ; Reche, Cristina ; Yus-Díez, Jesús ; Pérez García-Pando, Carlos (2024)
Insights into the size-resolved dust emission from field measurements in the Moroccan Sahara.
In: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 2023, 23 (12)
doi: 10.26083/tuprints-00024772
Article, Secondary publication, Publisher's Version

González-Romero, Adolfo ; González-Flórez, Cristina ; Panta, Agnesh ; Yus-Díez, Jesús ; Reche, Cristina ; Córdoba, Patricia ; Moreno, Natalia ; Alastuey, Andres ; Kandler, Konrad ; Klose, Martina ; Baldo, Clarissa ; Clark, Roger N. ; Shi, Zongbo ; Querol, Xavier ; Pérez García-Pando, Carlos (2024)
Variability in sediment particle size, mineralogy, and Fe mode of occurrence across dust-source inland drainage basins: the case of the lower Drâa Valley, Morocco.
In: Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 2023, 23 (24)
doi: 10.26083/tuprints-00027295
Article, Secondary publication, Publisher's Version


Kandler, Konrad ; Schneiders, Kilian ; Heuser, Johannes ; Waza, Andebo ; Aryasree, Sudharaj ; Althausen, Dietrich ; Hofer, Julian ; Abdullaev, Sabur F. ; Makhmudov, Abduvosit N. (2024)
Differences and Similarities of Central Asian, African, and Arctic Dust Composition from a Single Particle Perspective.
In: Atmosphere, 2020, 11 (3)
doi: 10.26083/tuprints-00016291
Article, Secondary publication, Publisher's Version

Kezoudi, Maria ; Keleshis, Christos ; Antoniou, Panayiota ; Biskos, George ; Bronz, Murat ; Constantinides, Christos ; Desservettaz, Maximillien ; Gao, Ru-Shan ; Girdwood, Joe ; Harnetiaux, Jonathan ; Kandler, Konrad ; Leonidou, Andreas ; Liu, Yunsong ; Lelieveld, Jos ; Marenco, Franco ; Mihalopoulos, Nikos ; Močnik, Griša ; Neitola, Kimmo ; Paris, Jean-Daniel ; Pikridas, Michael ; Sarda-Esteve, Roland ; Stopford, Chris ; Unga, Florin ; Vrekoussis, Mihalis ; Sciare, Jean (2024)
The Unmanned Systems Research Laboratory (USRL): A New Facility for UAV-Based Atmospheric Observations.
In: Atmosphere, 2021, 12 (8)
doi: 10.26083/tuprints-00019620
Article, Secondary publication, Publisher's Version


Panta, Agnesh (2023)
Characterisation of freshly emitted mineral dust aerosols determined by scanning electron microscopy: insights from in situ measurements at source locations.
Technische Universität Darmstadt
doi: 10.26083/tuprints-00024731
Ph.D. Thesis, Primary publication, Publisher's Version


Rizza, Umberto ; Kandler, Konrad ; Eknayan, Melanie ; Passerini, Giorgio ; Mancinelli, Enrico ; Virgili, Simone ; Morichetti, Mauro ; Nolle, Michael ; Eleftheriadis, Konstantinos ; Vasilatou, Vasiliki ; Ielpo, Pierina (2024)
Investigation of an Intense Dust Outbreak in the Mediterranean Using XMed-Dry Network, Multiplatform Observations, and Numerical Modeling.
In: Applied Sciences, 2021, 11 (4)
doi: 10.26083/tuprints-00017777
Article, Secondary publication, Publisher's Version


Scerri, Mark (2019)
The use of Positive Matrix Factorization (PMF) in source apportionment of ambient aerosol in the Central Mediterranean.
Technische Universität Darmstadt
Ph.D. Thesis, Primary publication


Umo, N. S. ; Ullrich, R. ; Maters, E. C. ; Steinke, I. ; Benker, N. ; Höhler, K. ; Wagner, R. ; Weidler, P. G. ; Hoshyaripour, G. A. ; Kiselev, A. ; Kueppers, U. ; Kandler, K. ; Dingwell, D. B. ; Leisner, T. ; Möhler, O. (2024)
The Influence of Chemical and Mineral Compositions on the Parameterization of Immersion Freezing by Volcanic Ash Particles.
In: Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres, 2021, 126 (17)
doi: 10.26083/tuprints-00020979
Article, Secondary publication, Publisher's Version


Waza, Andebo ; Schneiders, Kilian ; Heuser, Johannes ; Kandler, Konrad (2023)
Analysis of Size Distribution, Chemical Composition, and Optical Properties of Mineral Dust Particles from Dry Deposition Measurement in Tenerife: Determined by Single-Particle Characterization.
In: Atmosphere, 2023, 14 (4)
doi: 10.26083/tuprints-00023789
Article, Secondary publication, Publisher's Version

Waza, Andebo ; Schneiders, Kilian ; May, Jan ; Rodríguez, Sergio ; Epple, Bernd ; Kandler, Konrad (2020)
Field comparison of dry deposition samplers for collection of atmospheric mineral dust: results from single-particle characterization.
In: Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 2019, 12 (12)
doi: 10.25534/tuprints-00011395
Article, Secondary publication

Waza, Andebo Abesha (2020)
Development of a technique for measuring atmospheric dry deposition and its application to mineral dust.
Technische Universität Darmstadt
doi: 10.25534/tuprints-00011472
Ph.D. Thesis, Primary publication

Wu, Qingyang ; Alkemper, Achim ; Lauterbach, Stefan ; Hofmann, Jan P. ; Einert, Marcus (2024)
Fabrication of nanocrystalline high-entropy oxide CoNiFeCrMnOₓ thin film electrodes by dip-coating for oxygen evolution electrocatalysis.
In: Energy Advances, 2024, 3 (4)
doi: 10.26083/tuprints-00027272
Article, Secondary publication, Publisher's Version

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