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CyLaw-Report XLIII: „Weltrecht^2 Backbone Documents“→ here “Oral WCCL - Launch“: “Multidisciplinary Constitutional Law Scholarship from Germany and the EU” on Dec. 7th 2022

Schmid, Viola (2023)
CyLaw-Report XLIII: „Weltrecht^2 Backbone Documents“→ here “Oral WCCL - Launch“: “Multidisciplinary Constitutional Law Scholarship from Germany and the EU” on Dec. 7th 2022.
doi: 10.26083/tuprints-00024202
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Item Type: Report
Type of entry: Primary publication
Title: CyLaw-Report XLIII: „Weltrecht^2 Backbone Documents“→ here “Oral WCCL - Launch“: “Multidisciplinary Constitutional Law Scholarship from Germany and the EU” on Dec. 7th 2022
Language: English
Date: 2023
Place of Publication: Darmstadt
Series: CyLaw-Report
Series Volume: 43
DOI: 10.26083/tuprints-00024202

(1) Weltrecht^2 – Backbone & Entourage Documents are milestones in the process of developing a textbook with the title „Weltrecht^2 – a new Perspective on Legal Science [Weltrecht^2 – eine neue Perspektive auf Rechtswissenschaft]“. The project was launched in three continents in December 2022 with the submission of a relevant 10,000-word paper. This Cylaw-Report XLIII provides a reproduction of the oral presentation. (2) During the launch, the oral presentation addressed the below topics: A temporally oriented comparative law of TRADITIONAL-, CYBER- and AILAW- (LAW CONE) (own terminology (ot)) and Arguments for Weltrecht^2 which also tackle the challenges posed by the workshop chairs (Workshop 27) - „Why the Classic Model of Constitutionalism might not Suffice for the Best Possible Governance (for an AI-Driven World)”. (3) The presentation was held in English. Further updated information regarding the Weltrecht^2 project will be shared in the immediately published Cylaw-Report XLIV [„Viola Schmid in 2023/06: „Weltrecht^2 Entourage Documents“ here ZUKUNFT DES DIGITALEN (STAATS-)RECHTS“ [„DLT-Staatsinfrastruktur“, Plattformmenschen“ and l’origine du monde] on April 24, 2023] (PRESENTATION MANUSCRIPT: „THE FUTURE OF DIGITAL (PUBLIC) LAW [“DLT state infra-structure”, “platform people” and l’origine du monde]). (4) Reservoir for Global Knowledge: German – European AI-Jurisprudence of 2022 and 2023 (3 Judgments) on „information technology relevant security law” (a) This review (Chapter 4) will be complemented with current information regarding a new case law by the Federal Constitutional Court (Bundesverfassungsgericht - BVerfG) on „information technology relevant security law“ of the Federal Republic of Germany. Another judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) addresses the organization of flight data (Passenger Name Records (PNR)). A further decision regarding the automated utilization of data from information technology systems within the Asylum Act (Asylgesetz) and Act on the Residence, Economic Activity and Integration of Foreigners in the Federal Territory (Aufenthaltsrecht) of the Federal Administrative Court (Bundesverwaltungsgerichts – BVerwG) is communicated. (b) At the heart of those three decisions lies an information technology that carries the unwieldy title: „Verarbeitung gespeicherter Datenbestände durch automatisierte Anwendung zur Datenanalyse oder –auswertung.“ As this phrasing originates from German jurisdiction and legislation (§ 25a HSOG), the German terminology will also be retained in the English language publication. At this point, we offer only a possible translation proposal: „processing of stored personal data through automated data analysis (Hesse) or automated data interpretation (Hamburg).“ (c) These recent developments in German-European CYBER- and AILAW are meant as contributions to a global pool of LEGAL FOREKNOWLEDGE. (5) As the individual Cylaw-Reports of the Cylaw-Report series are in principle meant to be self-explanatory, Chapter 5 refers to Cylaw-Report XXXXII (XLII).

Uncontrolled Keywords: Weltrecht^2
Status: Publisher's Version
URN: urn:nbn:de:tuda-tuprints-242026
Classification DDC: 300 Social sciences > 340 Law
Divisions: 01 Department of Law and Economics > Juristische Fachgebiete > Fachgebiet Öffentliches Recht
Date Deposited: 30 Jun 2023 12:06
Last Modified: 04 Jul 2023 08:13
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