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Spectroscopy of neutron-rich scandium isotopes

Koseoglou, P. ; Werner, V. ; Pietralla, N. ; Söderström, P.-A. ; Doornenbal, P. ; Obertelli, A. ; Achouri, N. ; Baba, H. ; Browne, F. ; Calvet, D. ; Château, F. ; Chen, S. ; Chiga, N. ; Corsi, A. ; Cortés, M. L. ; Delbart, A. ; Gheller, J-M. ; Giganon, A. ; Gillibert, A. ; Hilaire, C. ; Isobe, T. ; Kobayashi, T. ; Kubota, Y. ; Lapoux, V. ; Liu, H. ; Motobayashi, T. ; Murray, I. ; Otsu, H. ; Panin, V. ; Paul, N. ; Rodriguez, W. ; Sakurai, H. ; Sasano, M. ; Steppenbeck, D. ; Stuhl, L. ; Sun, Y. L. ; Togano, Y. ; Uesaka, T. ; Wimmer, K. ; Yoneda, K. ; Aktas, O. ; Aumann, T. ; Chung, L. X. ; Flavigny, F. ; Franchoo, S. ; Gasparic, I. ; Gerst, R.-B. ; Gibelin, J. ; Hahn, K. I. ; Kim, D. ; Koiwai, T. ; Kondo, Y. ; Lee, J. ; Lehr, C. ; Lettmann, M. ; Linh, B. D. ; Lokotko, T. ; MacCormick, M. ; Moschner, K. ; Nakamura, T. ; Park, S. Y. ; Rossi, D. ; Sahin, E. ; Sohler, D. ; Takeuchi, S. ; Toernqvist, H. ; Vaquero, V. ; Wagner, V. ; Wang, S. ; Xu, X. ; Yamada, H. ; Yan, D. ; Yang, Z. ; Yasuda, M. ; Zanetti, L. (2024)
Spectroscopy of neutron-rich scandium isotopes.
In: Journal of Physics: Conference Series, 2020, 1555
doi: 10.26083/tuprints-00021266
Article, Secondary publication, Publisher's Version

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Copyright Information: CC BY 3.0 Unported - Creative Commons, Attribution.

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Item Type: Article
Type of entry: Secondary publication
Title: Spectroscopy of neutron-rich scandium isotopes
Language: English
Date: 11 June 2024
Place of Publication: Darmstadt
Year of primary publication: 2020
Place of primary publication: Bristol
Publisher: IOP Publishing
Journal or Publication Title: Journal of Physics: Conference Series
Volume of the journal: 1555
Collation: 7 Seiten
DOI: 10.26083/tuprints-00021266
Corresponding Links:
Origin: Secondary publication DeepGreen

Within the SEASTAR III campaign at the Radioactive Isotope Beam Factory, at the RIKEN Nishina Center, neutron-rich isotopes in the vicinity of ⁵³K were produced from the fragmentation of the primary ⁷⁰Zn beam on a ⁹Be target. After nucleon knockout reactions on the secondary liquid hydrogen MINOS target the known γ rays of the neutron-rich ⁵⁵Sc isotope were observed (shown in this proceedings) and γ rays from ⁵⁷,⁵⁹Sc isotopes have been identified for the first time. The evolution of the occupied nucleon orbitals of these nuclei in the ground and excited state is investigated under the prism of the tensor force.

Identification Number: Artikel-ID: 012026
Status: Publisher's Version
URN: urn:nbn:de:tuda-tuprints-212661
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XXIII International School on Nuclear Physics, Neutron Physics and Applications 22-28 September 2019, Varna, Bulgaria

Classification DDC: 500 Science and mathematics > 530 Physics
Divisions: 05 Department of Physics > Institute of Nuclear Physics
Date Deposited: 11 Jun 2024 09:16
Last Modified: 11 Jun 2024 09:16
SWORD Depositor: Deep Green
URI: https://tuprints.ulb.tu-darmstadt.de/id/eprint/21266
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