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Axial-Vector Currents and Chiral Symmetry

Sauerwein, Ulrich (2021)
Axial-Vector Currents and Chiral Symmetry.
Technische Universität Darmstadt
doi: 10.26083/tuprints-00017518
Ph.D. Thesis, Primary publication, Publisher's Version

Copyright Information: CC BY-SA 4.0 International - Creative Commons, Attribution ShareAlike.

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Item Type: Ph.D. Thesis
Type of entry: Primary publication
Title: Axial-Vector Currents and Chiral Symmetry
Language: English
Referees: Lutz, Prof. Matthias ; Timmermans, Prof. Rob
Date: 12 March 2021
Place of Publication: Darmstadt
Collation: 125 Seiten
Date of oral examination: 12 March 2021
DOI: 10.26083/tuprints-00017518
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In this work we consider the axial-vector form factors of the nucleon in flavor-SU(2) and of the baryon octet in flavor-SU(3) Chiral Perturbation Theory. We include the Δ-isobar and the baryon decuplet as explicit degrees of freedom and focus on their consistent treatment in terms of chiral power counting. We employ the use of on-shell meson and baryon masses in the one-loop contributions to the axial-vector form factors. The convergence properties of such an approach are scrutinized. Our results are compared to the available flavor-SU(2) QCD lattice data.

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In dieser Thesis betrachten wir die Axialvektor-Formfaktoren des Nukleons in Flavor-SU(2) und des Baryon Oktetts in Flavor-SU(3) chiraler Ströungstheorie. Wir berücksichtigen das Δ-Isobar und das Baryon Dekuplett als explizite Freiheitsgrade mit besonderem Schwerpunkt auf deren konsistente Behandlung in Bezug auf das chirale Zählschema. Wir verwenden On-Shell Meson- und Baryonmassen in den Ein-Schleifenbeiträgen zu den Axialvektor-Formfaktoren. Die Konvergenzeigenschaften eines solchen Verfahrens werden detailliert analysiert. Unsere Resultate vergleichen wir mit den verfügbaren Flavor-SU(2) QCD-Gitterdaten.


In dit werk bekijken we de axiale-vector-vormfactoren van de nucleon in flavor-SU(2) en van het baryon octet in flavor-SU(3) chirale storingstheorie. We nemen de vrijheidsgraden van de Δ-isobaar en het baryon decuplet expliciet mee en focussen op de consistente behandeling van deze vrijheidsgraden in termen van chirale powercounting. We maken gebruik van on-shell meson- en baryonmassa's in de eenluscontributies aan de axiale-vector-vormfactor. De convergentie-eigenschappen van deze benadering zijn onderzocht. Onze resultaten vergelijken we met de beschikbare data van flavor-SU(2) rooster-QCD.

Status: Publisher's Version
URN: urn:nbn:de:tuda-tuprints-175180
Classification DDC: 500 Science and mathematics > 530 Physics
Divisions: 05 Department of Physics > Institute of Nuclear Physics
05 Department of Physics > Institute of Nuclear Physics > Theoretische Kernphysik
05 Department of Physics > Institute of Nuclear Physics > Theoretische Kernphysik > Quanten-Chromo-Dynamic
05 Department of Physics > Institute of Nuclear Physics > Theoretische Kernphysik > Theoretische Hadronenphysik
Date Deposited: 20 May 2021 07:36
Last Modified: 25 Aug 2022 13:11
URI: https://tuprints.ulb.tu-darmstadt.de/id/eprint/17518
PPN: 47957457X
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