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tuprintsRichtlinien für Nutzung und Betrieb

tuprints is the publication service of TU Darmstadt for electronic documents. This means:

Inhaltliche Voraussetzungen / Kategorien von Dokumenten:

Each publication is described through bibliographic and technical metadata, which normally are delivered by the author himself.

Publication is cost-free for students and members of TU Darmstadt. Additional services may be billed.

ULB as the provider can limit access under special circumstances.

Publications get persistent identifiers / URLs / URNs and are distributed to partner platforms.

ULB provides longterm access and authenticity of the published documnts.

tuprints is commited to international initiatives and standards.

Authors and editors are responsible not offending copyrights of third parties in their works. This is documented in a license sheet that is signed by the author/editor.