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Why publish in tuprints?

Benefits for authors
  • Publishing is fast, is free of charge and uncomplicated
  • The document is accessible via the Internet, i.e. in
  • Documents are permanently accessible and citeable
  • Long-term preservation and authenticity of the documents are guaranteed
  • A diploma or master's thesis or other examination work (Seminararbeit, Bachelor thesis etc.) can be published when approved by the tutor
  • Dissertations/Theses: Less printed copies are required to complete publication
Benefits for users (readers / learners)
  • Documents are rapidly accessible from every internetworked workstation (no false orders or loans, no refraining from including a relevant source just because of lack of time and money)
  • Usage is very uncomplicated and free of charge
  • "Findability" in common search engines as well as in specialised subject related services and communities
  • Documents are permanently accessible and citeable
  • Fulltext-searching in PDFs, navigation in structured documents throuhg thumbnails or TOCs
  • "Neat" PDFs are fairly barrier free
Benefits for university and library
  • Worldwide visibility and findability of an institution's scientif output
  • Centrally visible and transparent quality of service based on reliable and open standards and interfaces
  • Embedding into other services is possible (e.g. bibliography or digital lectures and seminars
  • Efficient use of resources, no media breaks (from paper to digital and back), no costly pre-production of overhead or copies without a demand